Nansana, Wakiso District, Uganda, East Africa

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Music, Dance and Drama

When they come together and do music, they get a sense of belonging, forget the problem they face every day. we believe that music is so powerful, sparkling, gorgeous and magnificent. It is a global shared language; you can pass a message through a song.We have discovered that this music program has created an environment where children feel truly free, and are also reminded of where they come from. 

Music has helped us tell our story, express our pain, power and joy. Many children have been blessed, their lives are changed each time they come to the center to do music and dance training. We believe that through this program, these children will get a platform where they can tell their story and those, they have left behind in slum areas 

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Sewing for Better Livelihood Project

The Sewing for better livelihood Project offers


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Nansana, Wakiso District, Uganda, East Africa

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