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Franc's fundraiser appeal for operation

Pray this message finds well and your entire family. My name is Derrick from Iam children foundation charity  in Uganda. We have our little boy aged 1year & 10 months called Franc. He was abandoned by his father after birth on knowing he was born with a condition of Albinism. Sandra the mother survive on mercies of good Samaritans like you, Albinism is condition where a child is born when lacking melanin, their skin, hair, eyes have low vision, above their skins have high  chances of getting cancer when exposed to sun's ultra violet radiation.  Frank needs an operation he was  born without the Anus, suffering from recto urethra fistula, the doctors made an outlet on his stomach and now his intestines are outside hanging out as a stool outlet. Franc needs an operation to put back his lovely intestines and the Anus hole. He needs 1700 USD for a life saving surgery. Be an angel save this little abandoned  boy. Your donation of 10,50,100 and more dollars can help out in supporting the life and health of our little boy Franc. Click on the link to donate on the cause  Donate

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