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Our Approach to Street Children

ICF carries out a number of approaches to the Street Children Problem on the streets of Kampala City, Uganda.

Through community outreaches, ICF recognizes street outreaches as an important avenue for reaching out and rescuing children in street situations. Therefore, ICF has been and continues to conduct regular outreaches targeting children living on the streets of Kampala and surrounding towns plus other districts of her operations. Rescued children are supported with various services to make them leave the streets. In addition, community outreaches and awareness programs are conducted in our areas of operation particularly slum dwellings where abuse of children’s rights is high. During outreaches, communities are sensitized on the rights of children. It is during community out reaches that vulnerable children and families are identified for support by ICF and through referrals to other agencies.

With the help of trained councilors and medical personnel, ICF offers rehabilitation services to children identified from streets and vulnerable families. children get access to a wide range of support services including medical treatment, shelter, nutrition, psychosocial support and skills training. During rehabilitation, child home tracing is done to aid reintegration of children with their families/communities.

It’s a natural fact that children do not belong in institutions; Reintegration forms an integral part of our functions as an organization. With the support of ICF social workers, children that have been rescued and undergone rehabilitation at ICF are prepared for reconciliation, resettlement and reunification with their families and communities. This process is conducted in partnership with government representatives; district/local government authorities, civil society actors together with recipient families.

Reconciliation & Resettlement
The families of children found on the streets are traced and children are enabled to resettle within their family extended systems. School going children are placed in schools nearest to their homes. Other children are resettled with vital items like mattresses, blankets.

Psycho-social Care & Support (Counseling).
Counseling is a core activity of the project. The children are provided with psycho-social care and support to help them cope and survive within their environment. Individual, Group, peer and Family counseling, are carried out on a regular basis.

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